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In accordance with the Guidelines for the Financial Exploitation of Research Results at ETH Zurich, all software developed at ETH and made available to third parties must be registered with ETH transfer and uploaded to the ETH Data Archive. This also applies to software which is to be published under an open source licence.

Instructions and information

Definition of "Software"

The obligation to register software via ETH transfer covers not only complete software packages, but also scripts that you have created in the context of research data publications and may wish to publish.

Consulting on Open Source licenses

The contact point for questions regarding the choice of open source licenses at ETH Zurich is ETH transfer. Please contact Mr. Emanuel Weber.

Parallel publication in the Research Collection

After successful registration at ETH transfer, you are welcome to publish your open source software with the corresponding license text in the Research Collection. To do so, upload the license text as a separate file together with the scripts/source code or include the license information in the header of the script.

If you publish your software in the Research Collection under the publication type Software (not as part of a dataset), you can also assign one of the following open source licenses in the publication process. In this case, the license is displayed on the landing page of the software publication.

Licence nameLicence text
Apache License 2.0
BSD 3-Clause License
BSD 2-Clause License
GNU General Public License 3.0
GNU General Public License 2.0
GNU Affero General Public License 3.0
GNU Lesser General Public License 3.0
MIT License
Mozilla Public License 2.0
Common Development and Distribution License 2.0
Eclipse Public License 1.0

If you would like to license your software under a license not included here, please contact us before uploading the files.

Linking to the Research Collection

Alternatively, you can create a "Metadata Only" item in the Research Collection and link the ETH Data Archive item created during registration to the Research Collection.

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