What research data can you publish in the Research Collection?

  • All types of research data can be published in the Research Collection (taking into account any ethical and legal restrictions).
  • The Research Collection offers the following publication types for research data: Data Collection, Dataset, Image, Model, Software, Sound, Video and Other Research Data.
  • We do not recommend uploading files larger than 10 GB in the Research Collection. Each entry shouldn't exceed a total of 50 GB. Several entries can be linked to a parent Data Collection. Larger datasets can be published using our service libdrive.

Why publish your research data in the Research Collection?

  • The Research Collection is the Institutional Repository of ETH Zurich and a free service for ETH members.
  • It is aligned with the FAIR data principles according to SNSF guidelines.
  • The repository is accepted for publishing supplemental material by renowned scientific journals.
  • It supports linking the data to other publications in the Research Collection (Journal Articles, Conference Papers, ...).
  • It supports Web upload, DOI-reservation and registration, ORCID iDs and export to OpenAire.
  • Entries are preserved long term in the ETH Data Archive (except for data deposited via libdrive).

How to publish data from national or international cooperation projects in the Research Collection?

  • Research output from cooperation projects can be deposited in the Research Collection independent of where it was produced, as long as an ETH group or institute takes over the responsibility for obtaining the publication rights from the data producers.
  • Please consider the following when uploading the data:
    • Field Organisational Unit: Data that was not produced at ETH must use the organisational unit of the ETH group or institute that was part of the cooperation.
    • Field ETH Publication: Data that was not produced at ETH Zurich must be marked with a "No".
    • Field Project/Grant: Please choose the ID/name of the cooperation project / grant, in order to prevent unnecessary enquiries from our staff about the origin of the data.

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