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To publish large amounts of data, you must first create an item in the Research Collection. In the "Upload" tab, click on the "Upload large data volumes (files > 10 GB, items > 50 GB total)" checkbox and specify the required data volume in GB. 

In order for a DOI to be generated, you must upload a README for the item. This will only be published when the itemis released by us after you have uploaded the data to libdrive. 

Upload files

To upload your data, you will receive an email from libdrive asking you to create an account. Once you have done this, you can access the shared folder with your email address and the password you have chosen at There are several options for uploading data.

Browser upload

Uploading via the browser is the easiest upload option and does not require any additional software to be installed. We recommend this for uplaodin a limited number of reasonabely big files. For the upload, files can simply be dragged and dropped into the browser window. 

ownCloud Desktop App 

With the ownCloud Desktop App you can upload more complex folder structures and to resume interrupted uploads. Additionally upload problems are recorded in a log file. We recommend the app if you can access the data directly on your pc. 

You can download the app for Windows, macOS and Linux here:

  • Start the programme after installation

  • Select Manually create folder sync connection (to avoid synchronisations of unexpected folders)

  • Then select "Add Folder Sync Connection".
  • Select the local folder with the data

  • Select the upload_folder on libdrive as the remote destination.

  • wait for the synchronisation of the data in the background 
  • If no errors occurred and the data is displayed correctly in the browser, the connection can be removed in Owncloud.

ownCloud command line client

If you have installed the ownCloud client, a CLI tool is automatically installed (owncloudcmd). See This can be used to upload data on systems without a graphical user interface (e.g. Linux servers).

Alternative upload options


In case the ownCloud client apps cannot be installed or you do not have the rights to install software on your pc, the software rclone can be used as an alternative ( This is a command line application which consists of a standalone binary. 

This can simply be executed in the folder with ./rclone. ./rclone config starts an interactive configuration process in which "WebDAV" can be specified as the storage type and "Owncloud" as the service name. The URL for the upload must be Files can then be uploaded with ./rclone copy $Directory libdrive:$Directory. The help is called up with ./rclone help. 


OwnCloud uses the webDAV protocol for data exchange. In principle, data can be uploaded with any WebDAV client. However, no advanced functions are available and individual files must not be larger than 100 GB.

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