The E-Lending service is intended for external library customers who are not members of ETH Zurich (students or staff) who wish to borrow academic e-books.


Choose from over 67,000 academic e-books on a wide range of subjects. The publishers deGruyter, Emerald, Morgan & Claypool, Springer and World Scientific currently allow for the borrowing of e-books. The range is being expanded on an ongoing basis.


  • Borrow e-books anywhere, any time.
  • Choose from over 67,000 academic e-books from the ETH Library.
  • Download whole e-books in PDF or ePub format onto your preferred reading device.
  • Spend up to eight days reading the borrowed e-books.

See the instructions for detailed information on use and technical requirements.


A separate login is needed for using this service. You can sign up by completing the registration form on

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