In addition to normal document loans from the SLSP circulation network, the ETH Library also offers the option of sending copies electronically.

Delivery of copies

  • Sending electronic copies of articles and chapters from documents via e-mail.
  • Files that cannot be sent by e-mail due to their size (colour scans, for example) are made available on an FTP server for a period of five days.
  • Colour scans are only produced in cases where important information would be lost in a black-and-white scan.
  • Delivery period: within 24 hours. Orders received on weekends and public holidays will be delivered on the following working day.


Customers in Switzerland and staff and doctoral students at ETH Zurich:

Customers from abroad (excluding the USA and the UK):

  • Order the required article via the delivery service SUBITO.
  • Companies and public libraries, private individuals and students are served via SUBITO only.
  • If the article cannot be ordered via SUBITO, please contact your university library for an interlibrary loan. Enquiries from universities abroad should be submitted via e-mail (

Customers from the USA and the UK

  • We are happy to process orders from university libraries in the USA and the UK that are submitted via e-mail (


Employees and doctoral students at ETH Zurich

Documents from the ETH Library are sent free of charge. (The fees will appear in your user account, but will not be charged.)

Requests for copies from documents that are held by the ETH and can be ordered online via our website cannot be processed. You will be notified accordingly.

If the articles are listed at the ETH Library @ swisscovery but are held at another library, please submit an interlibrary loan request.

Private individuals, public institutions and commercial customers

Documents are sent for a fee (see Fees).
Requests for copies of up to 100 pages from non-independent documents (including journal articles and articles from other compilations) that can be ordered on our website will be fulfilled with no further consultation. Additional processing fees are charged for this service.

ETH alumni

Documents are sent free of charge if ordered via the Alumni Portal. (The fees will appear in your user account but will not be charged.)

Customers from abroad

Electronic deliveries to customers in Germany and to non-German-speaking countries are not possible due to legal restrictions (orders via SUBITO are an exception).

Deliveries to Germany can only be sent by post.

Order restrictions

A maximum of three articles or chapters can be copied and supplied from printed works such as journals and books, provided the volume does not exceed one third of the journal or book.

An order must be submitted to the Document Delivery office for each article or chapter required. An order must not exceed a maximum of 100 pages. Only complete journal articles/book chapters are delivered.

Both the sending of copies and billing are carried out per order placed. Fax deliveries are possibly only up to a volume of 30 pages.

Articles or chapters from exclusively electronic holdings at the ETH Library:
These can only be supplied if the provider’s license agreement does not exclude the sending of documents. Orders are therefore accepted subject to this check.

The following documents cannot be supplied as copies:

  • Maps
  • Books from special collections, e.g. old and rare books
  • Archives

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