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The next page lists all publications that could be detected within your file. For each publication, information is displayed about potential duplicates and, if applicable, invalid metadata .according to the following statuses:

StatusExampleExplanation / How to proceed
no duplicate

This is a valid record without any potential duplicates. It has been pre-selected for import (checkbox is active). If you do not want to import it, please de-activate the checkbox.
potential duplicate(s)

One ore more potential duplicates were detected for this record. You can check the potential duplicate by clicking on the Handle-ID displayed (e.g. 20.500.11859/13938).

If you determine that the potential duplicate is not a real duplicate, you can still select your record for import by activating the checkbox. If it is a real duplicate, please do not select this record for import.

invalid metadata

This is a record with invalid or missing mandatory metadata, it cannot be selected for import. You will need to correct the record in the original RIS or BibTex file in order to be able to import it. See below what the individual error messages mean.