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You can easily share your saved collections. To do so, click on "Share" in the menu and a new window appears. 

First, name the collection you want to share with others. 

Enter the email addresses of the recipients. They do not have to be registered in E-Pics to access the collection! You can also enter more than one email address. Complete the entry of the individual email addresses with "Enter". 

You can decide how long a collection should be available to the recipients and whether the collection should be password protected or not. Furthermore, you can choose between different views. If the recipients are allowed to download the images , you need to make a choice concerning the format/resolution.   

To finally share the collection, click on "Send". 

Alternatively, you can click on "Copy link". In this case you do not need a recipient. You can simply copy the link and send it by email. 

The recipient will then receive an email from with a link where the images can be viewed and, if necessary, downloaded. 

Note: Please do not write to If you have any questions about the ordering process, please contact the persons responsible for the catalogue. 

After sharing, a new collection will appear in your collections marked "Download". You can share this collection again (see below). 

Since a "Download" collection is created after every sharing, we recommend deleting them from time to time, otherwise the collections look chaotic. 

If the collection has been provided with a password, a request to enter it appears when clicking on the link. The collection can then be accessed. 

If you allowed the images to be downloadable when sharing the collection, these options now appear in the download window. The recipient can download the images after accepting the terms of use. Please read the terms of use carefully, they are different in all catalogues. 

Important: In a shared collection, the recipient can only view or download the images. It is not possible to transfer them to one's own collection.

If you want to exit the current view, click on the name of the catalogue at the top left. The session will be closed. You will then be taken to a window where you are asked to log in again.  Click on "Log in again" to return to the welcome page. You can now search for images as usual with or without logging in. 

Eine bereits geteilte Kollektion können Sie mit dem Menu "Information" erneut teilen. Solche Kollektionen sind alle mit "Download" gekennzeichnet. 

Es erscheint ein Fenster, das fast identisch ist mit demjenigen aus "Teilen". Zusätzlich erscheint hier die Kollektions-URL und die Ansichten und Download-Aktionen sind bereits gespeichert (analog zur letzten Kollektion, die Sie geteilt haben). 

Dieser Weg bietet folgendene Vorteile: 

  • Sie können die Kollektions-URL kopieren und einfach verschicken, ohne das ganze Formular ausfüllen zu müssen. 
  • Die Ansichten und Download Optionen werden gespeichert, so dass Sie diese nicht immer neu eingeben müssen. 

Wichtig: Möchten Sie die Ansichten und Download Aktionen ändern, setzen oder entfernen Sie die Häklein und klicken Sie anschliessend auf "Änderungen speichern". 

As a logged-in user, you can also send a download link directly from the collection basket.  

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Es erscheint wieder das gleiche Formular wie beim Teilen der Kollektion, und der Ablauf ist ebenfalls der selbe.