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The temporary non-publication of the full text of a doctoral thesis can be requested in the submission process when uploading the electronic file to the Research Collection (cf. Access rights). The doctoral student needs to indicate the reason for the embargo and can choose between an embargo period of 12, 24 or 36 months.

Please not that the embargo requested in the Research Collection is only applicable to the electronic version of the doctoral thesis. Exclusively in the case of embargo applications based on patent applications, a lending restriction of a maximum of twelve months will be imposed on the printed copies.

Publication of cumulative doctoral theses

If you plan to integrate articles that have already been published or that have been accepted by a journal into your doctoral thesis, please read through the information provided on the website of the Doctoral Administration Office in the paragraph "Cumulative doctoral thesis".

Usually, the conditions described on the page Self-archiving apply, e.g. you will need to integrate articles in the version allowed by the publisher (preprint, postprint) into your thesis and you also need to apply the embargo specified by the publisher.

Some publishers have special conditions for reusing content within doctoral theses that are more generous than what is documented in Sherpa/Romeo. Therefore, it might be worth checking the publisher's website for such regulations or asking the publisher directly.

If you have published with a publisher that completely prohibits re-publishing content within a doctoral thesis, you might be able to buy this usage right from the publisher


To read up on publishers' policies regarding cumulative doctoral theses go to this page.

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