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titleStorage period

The shortest storage period for research data in the Research Collection is ten years. After the chosen storage period has expired, ETH Zurich University Archives will consult the data producers and decide whether specific data should continue to be stored for historical reasons. For use exceeding ten years, common, open file formats should be used as far as possible.


ETH Library offers the publication and automatic The publication or archiving of data up to 1 TB per research group is offered by ETH Library as a free service.If the data volume exceeds 1 TB, your group will generally be charged for the additional storage space. In this case, the fee schedule of ETH Zurich's IT services applies, which depends on the type of storage media.

titleCiting research data and reservation of DOI

All research data and documents published in the Research Collection receive a Digital Object Identifier (DOI) and can thus be permanently addressed and cited.

We recommend that you cite a research dataset with the following minimum specifications:

Creator (PublicationYear): Title. Publisher. Identifier

For further information on the correct citation of research data, please consult the DataCite website.

If you wish to refer to a research data set due for publication at a later date in a publication or when submitting a manuscript, you can reserve a DOI in the Research Collection.