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Go to and click on "Register", or go directly to

Registration window, see description belowImage ModifiedAutogenerated e-eail, see description belowImage Added

  1. Please enter your first name, last name and ETH user name and click on “Register”



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  1. An e-mail containing your registration details will be generated automatically in your default e-mail client. Please click Send.

Your user account will be ready for use within the next working day. You will get a personal e-mail message that informs you on how to proceed.


Note: Your user account will be valid for two years after first registration. After its expiration, you will not be able to log in to deposit new data. In this case, please contact us at  to renew your account. 


3. Upload your data

Go to the deposit module:

3.1 Login 

Login window, see description belowImage ModifiedUser interface of the ETH Data Archive, see description belowImage Added

  1. Enter your nethz user name and password and click on the sign in button.


  1. Click on "Add Deposit Activity "

Note: This is your personal deposit interface where you can find all your deposits: drafts as well as successfully archived packages.

3.2 Deposit Workflow

Selection window for workflow, see description belowImage Modified

  1. Please choose the appropriate upload workflow according to the information here.


    • CLOSED Source Software – Upload (Licensing Software to Third Parties)


    • OPEN Source Software Registration

 33.3 Descriptive Information

Image Modified

  1. Please enter descriptive information about your software package.
  2. Fields marked with * are mandatory.
  3. If you deposit closed source software, please indicate your ETH transfer reference number. Please contact ETH transfer if you do not know the reference number.
  4. If you deposit open source software, please choose from the drop-down menu the license under which the software will be distributed.


Some of the fields have tooltips that give you short descriptions of what kind of information is expected.


3.4 Assertion of Copyright

Copyright window, see description belowImage Modified

  1. On the "Assertion of Copyright" page, the appropriate access rights policy has been automatically set according to the Workflow you have chosen before.


    • OPEN means: Everybody can access your software package


    • STAFF ONLY means: only ETH transfer and ETH library staff (and yourself) can access your software package

All software packages will be archived for 15 years.

Please read the agreement carefully and check the "accept" box.

3.5 File Upload

Upload window, see description belowImage Modified

  1. Please choose "Upload File 1" for ZIP files or "Upload File 2" for tar files and select the file you want to submit.
  2. The maximum file size permitted to upload is 10 GB.
  3. Label and notes are optional.
  4. Make sure that the open source package contains the license file.

3.6 Save or Submit


Save and Submit button, see description belowImage Added

  1. You can either save your uploaded software package as a draft or submit it directly to the ETH Data Archive.

When your software and the meta-data are validated and successfully archived, you will receive an e-mail notification that provides you with a persistent link to your software package. This may take up to two working days.