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titleWhat are research data, and which are the most popular types of research data?

Research data are data that arise during planning, performance and documentation of scientific work and which form the basis for conclusions and new findings. Types of research data can vary greatly and depends depend on the research field. A list of popular data types and corresponding file formats that may arise during a research project is indicated just below.

  • text (e.g. *.pdf, *.txt, *.docx, *.rtf, *.odt, etc.)
  • code (e.g. *.mat, *.RData, *.py, *.r, etc.)
  • spreadsheets and tables (e.g. *.csv, *.xlsx, *.odt, etc.)
  • raw data and workspaces (e.g. *.mat, *.nc, *.cfd, *.h5, *.hdf5, etc.)
  • raster graphics (e.g. *.tif, *.gif, *.bmp, *.jpg, etc.)
  • vector graphics (e.g. *.svg, *.indd, *.eps, *.psd, etc.)
  • CAD (*.dwg, *.dxf, *.x3d, etc.)
  • sound, audio (*.wav, *.mp4, *.mp3, etc.)
  • video (e.g. *.mpg, *.mp4, *.mov, *.avi, *.wmv, etc.)
  • all types of physical samples, or your inventory
  • etc.