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File typeRecommended conversions
  • Word and PowerPoint files should be converted to PDF/A-1b files. According to our tests the following method for converting Microsoft Word or Microsoft PowerPoint files usually leads to acceptable results: Open the file using Word or PowerPoint, click “File” and then “Print” to open the Print dialog box. Select the printer „Adobe PDF“. Click on „Printer Properties“ and there select „PDF/A-1b: 2005 (RGB)“. Then click on the button “Print”. See also the instruction on Creating PDF Files.
  • LaTeX or TeX files should be converted to PDF/A files.
  • You should carefully check the quality of your converted files. Verify equations, special characters, umlauts, special fonts, spelling errors, searching and selecting of text, tables, colours, transparent objects, comments, vector graphics and layered graphics.
  • Convert Excel *.xls files to *.xlsx files
  • You may save a copy of embedded objects (such as figures) as independent files.
  • Tables may be converted to ASCII text *.csv files: In Excel you may save sheets as *.csv files; in R you may save tables with “write.csv”; and in S-Plus you may use „write.table“ to save as *.sdd files.
Workspace Dump in Matlab, R or S-Plus
  • Matlab *.mat files should be saved as v7.3 files (using save -v7.3 x.mat), as the produced *.mat File follows a HDF5-based standard. (HDF5 is an open standard for tables, media data and complex data structures.)
  • The R workspace should be saved with the R-packagerhadf5 in a HDF5 format. The S-Plus function data.dump produces a file that can be read with the R-function data.restore.
  • Saving the workspace using ASCII is not useful for complex data, as the produced files are hard to access. (One can save such an ASCII workspace dump using save(…, ascii = TRUE) in R, using the command file.txt –ascii in Matlab, or using dump() in S-Plus)
  • If there are important tables in the workspace, a copy can be saved as CSV-file.
  • Vector graphics files will be harder to access over long term than bitmaps. Embedding of vector graphics into PDF files is not safe either. Files in special vector graphic formats, such as InDesign (*.indd) or Illustrator (*.ait), should also be saved as baseline TIFF, PDF/A-1b (see above), SVG or JPG file. You should carefully check the quality of produced files regarding contrast, resolution, colours, transparent objects, and text.