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RIS fieldBibTex fieldResearch Collection fieldExample contentrequired?
Document TypeCHAPmandatory

 @[type]Document Typeinbookmandatory
A1 / AUauthorAuthor or CreatorSmith, John; Doe, Janemandatory (depending on publication type)
A2 / EDeditorEditorMiller, Maxmandatory (depending on publication type)
T1 /TI / STtitleTitleThis would be the titlemandatory
DA / PY / Y1yearPublication Date2006 or 2006/05 or 2006/05/31mandatory (at least year)
DOdoiPublisher DOI10.1234/89445optional

978-3-86680-192-9 or 3-86680-192-0

JF / T2journal / seriesJournal or Series TitleHuman Naturemandatory (depending on publication type)

booktitleBook TitleThis could be the Book Titlemandatory (depending on publication type)
IS / M1numberIssue23optional
Start Page14optional
EP- no value - End Page30optional

 pagesStart Page / End Page14-30optional
LAlanguageLanguageen or de or fr or it...optional
AB / N2abstractAbstractcontinuous textoptional


Oxidative stress

ETeditionEdition / Version2nd Edition
3. rev. edition


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