URL of the WebClient: https://admin.e-pics.ethz.ch/cwc/login 

(For catalogues Image Archive, Biosys and Luftbild: http://alvaneu-m12ba.ethz.ch:8080/cwc/)

The language of the WebClient adapts to the language of the browser in use.

After logging into the WebClient you see the following: 

The search in the WebClient corresponds to the Quicksearch in the Native Client. In order for the search in the WebClient to check the required fields, the Quicksearch must first be set.

You can see the search operators if you click into the search slot. 

If you want to see the content of the whole catalogue, you can do so with an empty search (click into the search slot on the upper right and press enter). 

First you see the containers, underneath the files (=images). 

To access the categories overview, you need to click on the icon "Container Tree" on the left side.

Upload images

Images can be uploaded via the "Upload" Button in the menu on top of the page.

You can either chose the images from your folders or drag them into the upload button. The upload itself is marked by a blue bar. 

If you click on the icon "Your uploads" in the menu bar on the left, you can see the latest images you uploaded. 

Download and check-out images

With the toolbar on the right you can download images. To do so, one or more files have to be selected.

Alternatively, you can add your images to the basket (toolbar on the right) and then download them from there:

To check-out images, the files needs to be opend. As a consequence, in the toolbar on the right the option "check out" is added. 

Please note: Unlike in the Native Client, checked out images remain on the desktop (or wherever they were checked out to) and do not disappear after checking in. 

Delete files

Files you want to delete need to be marked. Afterwards, you can use the "delete" function in the toolbar on the right side:


In the WebClient the terms "Container" and "Category" are used synonymously.

If you click on a container in the container tree, you can see its content i.e. the files (=images) and its direct sub-categories: 

When uploading images you can also directly drag & drop them into a container (in the container tree).

You can create new containers with the toolbar on the right:

Only new containers with a unique name can be created.

To add one or more files to a container, they need to be selected and draged into the container. A window will appear where you are asked to confirm your action:

To remove files from a certain container, you need to select the files within the container, then choose "remove" in the toolbar on the right: 

File view sets

You can change the file view set in the upper right corner (click on "Options"):


If the sets you need are not available, please contact Team E-Pics

Add metadata

In the WebClient, metadata can only be added manually, the import of metadata via csv/txt is not possible. 

The WebClient uses different views from the Native Client. Please check Views in Cumulus

To change the content of the file, click either on the image (an arrow shows up) or the file (green marking). Then, choose "Edit" in the toolbar on the right side: 

If you need to work with different record fields, either change the file view set or contact Team E-Pics

Bulk editing

To change the metadata of several files simultaneously, select the files you want to edit. In the toolbar choose "Edit" (see above). Now you can edit the fields for all selected files. Additionally, on the right of the fields you can choose where you want your entry to be placed: 


In the WebClient there is a designated record field for the keywords. By adding keywords, a thesaurus is created, which guarantees that no keyword is used twice, e.g. using a different spelling. 

In the records field "Keywords" you enter a term which is then saved as a keyword in the thesaurus of your catalogue.  

If you start typing in the same keyword in another record, a suggestion appears:

Please note: If you also work with the Native Client, the keywords can be seen in the category "Keywords" and in the record field "Categories" (it is best to chose "keywords" here in order not to get confused by all the other categories): 


The records field "Keywords" cannot be removed from the WebClient.

Important: Relations are not displayed by default, i.e. alternatives and variants of an image are not visible or searchable, but can only be found via the original image.          

Detailed Online Help from Canto for the WebClient can be accessed by clicking on the small question mark at the bottom left

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