Your research project is completed and you want to archive your research data for a limited period of time or on a permanent basis in the ETH Data Archive and maybe make the data available for reuse to other interested persons?

The application docuteam packer  is a java-based viewer and editor and helps you to describe and structure your collection of documents and data. Subsequently, this collection will be submitted directly to the ETH Data Archive  of the ETH Library. The data is stored and will be available for reuse if required.


Is it possible to organize all types of data with docuteam packer?

docuteam packer allows you to collect and organize those data which are considered for long-term preservation in the ETH Data Archive. Publications and other accompanying materials documenting the creation of the data are considered as contextual information. It is up to you to decide which documents and data to preserve. However, it is recommended to collect and describe your data as thoroughly as possible from the outset.

In principle, docuteam packer can handle files in any format. The file format identification and validation tool, which is implemented in docuteam packer, indicates whether information if the data is suitable for long-term storage with regard to a possible reuse.

docuteam packer is designed to manage small-scaled data collections that are only a few gigabytes in size. For large amounts of date, there are other possibilities available. We will gladly help you to find the suitable solution. 

Can I make my preserved research data accessible to third parties? 

docuteam packer has no authorization management. However, you can define access rights (Open Access, ETH domain only, research group only) and retention periods for your data to be stored in the ETH Data Archive already within docuteam packer. Moreover, while using docuteam packer, you can assign Digital Object Identifiers (DOI) and use them for citation purposes already before submitting the data to the ETH Data Archive.

Can I use docuteam packer also as a document management system for my ongoing research projects?

The structuring of files in docuteam packer is only an intermediate step on the way to longterm preservation in the ETH Data Archive 

docuteam packer does not replace a document or records management system such as Microsoft Sharepoint or a data repository. The concept of docuteam packer does not allow to edit files collected in docuteam packer and is therefore not recommended for ongoing data management. We strongly advice against using it for such a purpose and do not provide any assistance for this use case.

Where can I get docuteam packer and what does this service cost?

Together, we will clarify how your data is structured and identify the necessary metadata fields. According to the requirements established in this process, docuteam packer will be configured and subsequently installed onto your institution’s network.

Configuration and usage of docuteam packer are services provided by the ETH Library and therefore free of charge. 

How are my research data moved to the ETH Data Archive?

Please contact us!

We will be happy to advise you and to develop an appropriate solution with you.

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