Programs and file formats change over time such that old files may become difficult to read. This complicates using digital information over long term.

No requirements apply to the publication of research data and supplementary materials in the repositories of the ETH Zurich. However, please be aware that the future use of some formats may become very difficult and, if possible, use file formats in the left and middle column of table 1.

File collections containing a large number of files or subfolders should be published as uncompressed *.zip files on Windows computers and as *.tar files on MacIntosh computers (see Preparing your files). Since uncompressed *.zip and *.tar files are well standardised formats, they can be unpacked in the long term. However, for the long-term use of your file collection, the file formats within these container files must also be usable in the long term. We can offer only limited services to validate and curate the contents of *.zip and *.tar files.